NGP Reports & Research

Gleaning-related publications by the Center for Agriculture and Food Systems.

Gleaning Organizations and Value-Added Products: Managing Food Safety Liability Risks

A guide that helps gleaning organizations understand and manage some of the food safety liability risks of value-added production. Published April 2024.

Legal Questions & Answers: Tax Incentives and Food Donation for Gleaning Organizations

A factsheet that addresses tax incentives for farmers and other food donors. Published March 2023.

Legal Questions & Answers: Volunteers in Gleaning

A factsheet for gleaning organizations that addresses how to navigate the legalities of working with volunteers. Published November 2022.

Legal Questions & Answers: Liability for Gleaning Organizations

A factsheet for gleaning organizations including frequently asked questions around identifying and managing legal risk. Published November 2022.

Gleaning Census 2020

Gathers data from existing gleaning groups to understand their strengths, struggles, and needs. Published October 2021.

Reducing Food Insecurity and Food Waste: Improving the National Framework to Support Gleaning Operations

Discusses the challenges faced by gleaning organizations around the country and offers recommendations for the future. Published August 2017.

Models for Success: A Set of Case Studies Examining Gleaning Efforts Across the United States

Provides examples and recommendations for gleaning organizations. Published January 2017.

The National Gleaning Project: Guide to the Online Gleaning Resources Hub

Introduces the project and provides instructions for using the Gleaning Resources website. Published May 2015.